Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Thinking Inside and Outside the Box

Thinking Inside and Outside the Box

"Seldom heard voices feeling that they are being listened to is a powerful means of engagement in itself and this resulting feeling of empowerment will make a positive contribution to people’s mental health concerns. "  ~ Paul Williams

Trinity has been working with Healthwatch Hampshire to develop a series of arts and crafts based workshops to record service user experiences in accessing mental health services. 

The project saw service users being given a keepsake box to tell the story of their involvement with and feelings towards mental health services, through whatever they choose to place inside and around the box.

The final pieces include a range of media including objects, smells, MP3 recordings, and the clients themselves speaking of their experiences.

"The last time I was truly happy".

"Memory lane"

"My depression and how I see it"


"Tell me a bit about your box artwork called 'My depression and how I see it'?"


"I pasted small pieces of tissue paper onto my hexagon shaped box. The yellow colour is happy, but the dark brown of depression creeps in. You can see the brown through the yellow, as if it were a stain, that just won't go away."


"My happy place"

"Memories of Brazil"

Sandra F's song lyrics / poem "Colours of my Mind" - 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Trinity Art Group Exhibition: The Art of Recycling

“My inspiration was to create something out of nothing. I have an interest in fashion but due to my circumstances I am unable to indulge in such luxury. I have managed to create my very own couture dress using humble materials.” ~ Adrienne

Trinity Winchester proudly presents “The Art of Recycling” an art exhibition that showcases the colourful and imaginative artwork of the Trinity Art Group. The show takes inspiration from The Great Waste Project supported by Winchester City Council and WinAcc - the Great Waste Project ( for web-link: The Great Waste ) challenges the way people see waste, and encourages people to reduce their waste and recycle more. 

The Trinity Art Group (TAG) comprises of a team of enthusiastic and energetic artists from a diverse range of backgrounds. The group have been hard at work putting together an exhibition that utilizes waste material and transforms them into beautiful works of art - including the pictured couture dress, made from ring pulls, bin bags and out of date surgical gloves.

Adrienne's Giant Eye

Kris's Purple fairy

B's Coat of Arms "I have modelled a heraldic shield. I thought about how my life could be encapsulated and represented by images – the bear, for example, is quite a solitary creature and hibernates in the winter. Due to a long term illness I had retreated to my bed and saw very few people. I am known as ‘B’ so the bee is also me well and busying myself with tasks. The whole thing is a page in an open book to represent the story element of life."
Trinity Art Group Gargoyles

Hagis's All Natural Mask

Julie's toothy Humpty Dumpty and Chicken Lickin 
"In our art sessions we have been using recycled materials to create anew. I had lots of old clothing which included a pair of unworn children’s tights and decided to use these to make a door stop shaped like the Nursery Rhyme character Humpty Dumpty." ~ Julie

Sarah's R2D2 and Ginger cat
“I had a lot of fun putting this together. At first, I was afraid as I was given a wide range of recyclable materials with little instruction in what I was supposed to do with them. After a group discussion, I struck upon an idea to create my very own space droid - combining parts of a vacuum cleaner and papier mâché. I am very happy with the results.” ~ Sarah

Ruth's Emojis
Cakes and Biscuits made by Sarah Harris and her Trinity Cookery Group (Thank you!)

Colin's Red Piggy Wig

A viewer admiring the Emoji artwork made from cardboard, milk bottle tops and pool tiles.
Trev's Bird Doctor / Quack - Inspired by 17th century plague doctors’ costume and ornithological studies, Trev has created his own scary hybrid “Bird Doctor” / “Quack”. Trev then applied layers of coloured tissue paper to give his creature a bright and colourful appearance.
Cathy's Black and Pink "Space Pig."

Lucy's collages and poetry book, Jan's Big Bug / Little Bug & Kris's paper maché rose.

Gary's melted vinyl record sculpture "Oscar" who happens to be modelling Adrienne's dress accessories.

Kris's handmade Clasp Bag - made from a cereal box and old bits of found material 

Kris's Purple mice diorama

Jan's portfolio of large paper and magazine collages

The Art of Recycling

Winchester Online

Journalist student and Winchester Online contributor Nadidja Parker, from the University of Winchester visited the show and asked the art group what they thought about recycling and the new 5p per bag charge. 


You can follow Nadidja Parker on Twitter here NadidjaDP

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Exchange Exhibition and art workshop

At the City Art Space Gallery: The Exchange

Members of the Trinity Art Group exploring the artwork on display 

Mizmaze - the start of the giant collaborative wall piece.

Last May, the Trinity Art Group was fortunate to be invited by local artists Noriko Suzuki-Bosco and Orah Bradshaw to participate in their brilliant art show "The Exchange", at the Discovery Centre's City Space Gallery.

The group where invited to a workshop, where they had the opportunity to work with the professional artists; exploring creative / meditative (mindfullness) techniques, which culminated in the collective production of colourful postcards - which were then added to the exhibition's "Mizmaze".

Exploring the show with Orah Bradshaw

Collaborative postcard artwork workshop

Art critique

The Trinity Art Group really enjoyed the experience, especially the guided tour of the exhibitions by the artists themselves!

Enthused and inspired by our experience at the gallery, the art group and many Trinity Winchester service users continued to make postcard sized work.

Nearly 100 postcards in all were made, some weird and wonderful, some delicate and ethereal and all reflective of the lives of the people who made them living in Winchester. The artworks were deliver to the gallery in June and were added to the ever growing "Mizmaze".

In July, the artists Orah and Noriko held a tea party at the City Space gallery as a celebration of the community event and all those who participated where offered the opportunity to to take a postcard artwork away, as an exchange of ideas, friendship and creativity.

A big thank you to Orah and Noriko from The Trinity Art Group!

Visual artists Orah Bradshaw and Noriko Suzuki-Bosco at City Space Gallery with their show "The Exchange"
Visitors to the show, making their own art postcards

The closing Tea Party at the gallery

The Mizmaze complete, including Trinity Winchester Art Group art postcards 

At the end of the exhibition: just as visitors were encouraged to donate small works of art, the visitors were also encouraged to take a art postcard as a memento of the show. A creative exchange! 

People viewing the finished Mizmaze.

(Below is the Artist statement for the "Exchange" exhibition)

‘The Exchange: connecting culture, creativity and community’
City Space, Winchester Discovery Centre
23 May – 5 July, 2015

This art project draws from personal exchange of postcard mail art between artist friends Orah Bradshaw and Noriko Suzuki-Bosco which span a period of six and half years. They share a common interest in the art of the ordinary and believe in creating connections through artistic expressions and creative sharing. Orah and Noriko would like to share their personal experience of (mail) exchange with the local and wider community through this art project. They would like to ask the general public to take a moment to look around their familiar surroundings and explore ways of connecting with others through creative sharing.

The Exchange will showcase a new body of work by Orah and Noriko referring to the idea of exchange and connection as well as work developed from their personal postcard exchange. It will also display a collection of archival Edwardian postcards on loan from HCC. This historical look at the function of postcards will add another layer to understanding how people made contacts and connections in the times before social media.

Orah and Noriko are inviting the local and wider community to take part in this exhibition by creating a postcard-art reflecting what it means for them to be living in or visiting Winchester/Hampshire and being part of the local community.

There are no specific restrictions on materials or techniques used, only that it has to be postcard size paper. The cards will offer an opportunity for everyone to creatively share stories, experiences and memories of where they live.

The postcards may be made in the City Space or made elsewhere and brought in or posted to the City Space. The finished postcards will be displayed in the exhibition space to form a colourful wall map of the labyrinth ‘Mizmaze’ on St Catherine’s Hill; the popular and well-loved landmark in Winchester.

The gradually growing image of the Mizmaze will act as a visual guidance for everyone to sense how communities are built through connecting with others through creative sharing. 

There will be a number of interactive and inclusive postcard making workshops on offer during the exhibition to engage and inspire individuals and groups in the city and wider community.

Orah’s workshops will use mindfulness and visualization techniques to tap into individual creativity. Her training as a therapeutic counsellor informs her understanding and appreciation towards non-judgmental attitudes.

Noriko’s workshops will use recycled materials from local charity shops and donations to create colourful collaged postcards. Noriko’s workshops will run as parallel events with the craft collective POPIN, that she set up in Singapore whilst living and working there.

On the last day of the exhibition July 5th, we will be having a Tea party in the afternoon to end the exhibition. Everyone who participated in the exchange will be offered the opportunity to take a Postcard-Art from the display, and after the exhibition any postcards left will be taken down and sent to someone else who also took part in the art project, in the spirit of connecting with the community and a form of ‘exchange’.

In addition, we are promoting the postcard making activity overseas. This international exchange element, we hope, will add another dimension to think about the world and the wider community beyond Winchester and Hampshire. The postcards made overseas will either be posted back to the City Space to be added to the display in the exhibition space or uploaded on to our website.

Orah and Noriko hope that The Exchange will provide an opportunity for them share with everyone their personal stories and interpretations of connections and exchange. It is also a space for the local and wider community to think about the people and the environment that surrounds them, how connections can be made with others and ultimately the sense of acceptance and belonging.